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Name: Megan
Contact: PM the journal or urbaninja on plurk
Other characters played here: none
Age: 25

Name: Dexter Grif
Native, OU, or AU: Native
Canon (if applicable): Red vs Blue
Character journal used: [personal profile] grifshot
Reference (if applicable): n/a
Canon point (if applicable): n/a
Personality: When one first meets Dexter Grif, one would assume that he is lazy and sarcastic. And they would not be wrong. Grif is not a great person. He’s lazy, and unwilling to do any work, to the point where he will put more effort into avoiding the tasks he’s supposed to do, rather than actually doing the task. Or he’ll try to pass it off to someone else, with little regret for his actions.

He’s sarcastic to a fault, actively sniping at his teammates and friends, and that can sometimes come off as mean-spirited. He’s got problems with authority, and will aggressively challenge authority figures, rather than take orders from them. This largely comes from a lack of respect, as is seen in his relationship with Sarge. On the other hand, as is seen from interactions with both Tex and Carolina, Grif is easily cowed if threatened, and will take back earlier statements.

Despite these, however, Grif does have some good points. He’s remarkably loyal to his team and his friends, and won’t just leave them in the lurch. He’s got a strong sense of family, cares deeply for his sister (no matter how angry he gets with her) and is often the first one to go looking for Caboose, should he wander off. While easily annoyed by his teammates, Grif still cares for them and will, begrudgingly, help out if they need it.
Back story: Dexter Grif was born to a small family. They weren’t that well off but they managed to get by. Grif doesn’t have a lot of memories of his childhood, aside from looking after his sister on account of their Dad leaving, and their Mom shortly after. He had some contact with his Mom, and she did send back some money, but it was sparing and after a year, they’d stopped getting messages.

Living on Earth got to be expensive however, and hearing that it was cheaper off-world, Grif and his sister, Kaikaina decided to leave their birth planet and move to Adaptive. They saved up what money they could (not an easy task) from Grif's job working for a rental car agency, mostly cleaning the cars but also servicing them, and whatever jobs Kaikaina took, as well as the money they got from their mom. Upon arriving on Adaptive, Grif got a job at a mechanic's shop, doing much the same jobs as he did on Earth. He eventually took over the business when the original owner retired (mostly out of the necessity of needing the money). Also he fell in with Red Team. How, he’s not sure. How he also keeps his business running is also a mystery, but rumor has it that the vehicles he services turn out better than when they arrived. No guarantee he won’t be taking it out for a joyride though.

Sample: From the Test Drive Meme, majority of comments from Canon!Grif but personality pretty much stands


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